Building on the success of the previous single-day event in 2013, AXYZ held two further Open Days during November. These were widely acknowledged by the customers and potential customers in attendance to have been of enormous value in determining which of the available routing, cutting and printing solutions best suited their specific production requirements.

Two Royal Air Force Museum sites were again chosen for the events due to their strategic locations and since they provided such an interesting additional visitor attraction to the technologies being demonstrated. At both venues, AXYZ showcased examples from the AXYZ and Pacer ranges as well as promoting the supporting CNCshop online division. Machines featured included a heavy-duty Pacer 4008 and AXYZ 4010 routing options, both of which are renowned for their reliability when used in intensive production environments and for their value-for-money investment quality.

End user feedback from the two open days confirmed the continuing huge appeal of AXYZ, both as a supplier of high-performance CNC routing solutions and as a resource for essential technical knowledge and ongoing customer support. Typical reactions included Peter Lightfoot of Lyndhurst Plastic Fabrication (LPF) who commented: “In the last 10 years, we have invested in two AXYZ CNC routers and are about to invest in a third machine to further enhance our production capabilities through new hardware and software upgrades that are now available. Both of the original machines have proved to be typical workhorse solutions, with the ongoing technical support provided by AXYZ second to none.”

Keith Lines of J H Lines gave further approbation by adding: “We have two 3000 x 2000mm AXYZ routers in operation, both of which we have found to be very reliable and value-for-money investments. Whenever we have needed machine maintenance help, the staff at AXYZ have been highly proficient and helpful but most importantly they possess a sound knowledge of the machines in a working environment and are able to resolve any maintenance issues quickly and efficiently.”