Do you have an old PACER machine and are you based in the UK?

If so, take advantage of our limited time promotional offer. Trade in your old Pacer CNC Router and receive up to £7,500 trade in allowances against a brand new AXYZ or Pacer machine.

Why Upgrade?

Since the early days our machines have come a long way. Take advantage of all of the new advanced features including powerful new servo drives and helical rack and pinions for greater accuracy, smoother cutting and quieter running. Additionally, the next generation AXYZ A2MC control system offers the highest level of machine control capabilities available in the market today, making each and every job that much easier.

High Capacity Auto Tool Change

The AXYZ auto tool changer systems provide an easy and convenient method of running jobs requiring multiple routing tools. This is the fastest method of changing tools on a regular basis and will deliver a dramatic improvement in throughputs.

Zoned Vacuum Beds

The innovative design allows zoned areas of the surface to be opened or closed to vacuum hold down as needed. This is the most efficient and effective method of distributing vacuum hold down pressure underneath your work piece.

Multiple Spindle Options

Multi-head AXYZ routers can incorporate one or two carriages, each of which could feature up to three individual cutting heads mounted on independently-controlled Z axes driven by precision ball screws.

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