An important development to AXYZ Automation Group’s entry into the waterjet cutting technology sector has been the launch of the new A-Series of WARDJet machines and in particular the A-0612 model. This is a smaller and more compact version of the larger-format X-Series, sharing similar design and performance characteristics but at a lower cost in order to meet a market requirement for which hitherto there were limited options.

With a 213 x 124cm footprint, the A-0612 will fit perfectly into the workflow of any small engineering shop or machining centre to process materials as diverse as stainless steel, cast and wrought iron, various alloys such as brass and bronze, marble, stone, glass and fibreglass and solid and composite rubber formulations. These materials are used for an equally diverse range of industries, including the aerospace, automotive, metal and glass fabrication, plating/finishing and electric/electronics sectors for which waterjet cutting is the most appropriate CNC machining solution.

A key attribute of the A-0612 is that whilst similarly positioned waterjet machines operate at pressures ranging from 30,000 to 45,000psi, the A-0612 will operate at 60,000psi. This equals the performance of a full-size waterjet but at a lower cost and enables the processing of a similarly wide range of materials within the same timeframe. Furthermore, in being able to operate at this higher pressure the amount of abrasive needed for the cutting process is commensurately lower, thereby further reducing installation and ongoing operating costs for machine owners.

As with the larger WARDJet  systems, the A-0612 features a lightweight, robust and rigidly constructed modular solid steel frame gantry to accommodate more vigorous machine operation. It also incorporates multiple cutting tool heads, an industrial-grade rack and pinion drive system for optimum cutting accuracy and the elimination of problems frequently encountered with lower cost and lower performance belt-driven machines and an optional water level control system and cutting table enclosure. These drastically reduce splashback to assist water conservation, in addition to lowering noise levels in the workplace and thus further enhancing the environmental credentials of the A-0612.

In common with other WARDJet machines, the A-0612 is supported by the proprietary and dedicated Move motion control software. Machine owners also have ongoing access to the AXYZ Automation Group’s team of specialist engineers.