Increasing productivity with an automatic tool changer video

Increasing Productivity with an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

The AXYZ Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) is the perfect solution for increasing the productivity of your CNC Router. Available with a capacity of seven, twenty-one or thirty three tool holders…

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CNC Router Coach video

CNC Router Coach

CNC Router Coach is a unique series of on-line remote training & support packages offered by AXYZ, aimed at getting the best from your CNC router using the very latest…

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AXYZ Series CNC Router video

AXYZ Series CNC Router

We realise that each industry has specific needs and that our customers require a competitive advantage - something that helps differentiate you from your competition. AXYZ Series CNC Routers offer…

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Trident series CNC Router cutting xanita video

Trident Series cutting Xanita

The Trident Series – The most versatile router-knife combination in the market has revolutionized the graphics industry. Our Application Engineer can be seen cutting 10mm thick Xanita. The high speed…

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Trident Series CNC Router cutting ACM using AVS camera video

Trident Series cutting ACM using AVS Camera

The Trident Series - The most versatile router-knife combination in the market. Set to revolutionize the digital graphics industry, the Trident Series benefits from a new twin knife head and…

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The AXYZ EZ Ryder for eliminating vibration on a CNC Router video


The AXYZ EZ Ryder is a purpose built mounting plate that is designed to significantly reduce any glide vibration when using the nose rider. It does that by giving the…

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Fast, Flexible and Direct - The AXYZ Way

Fast, Flexible and Direct – The AXYZ Way

With over 25 years' experience we have definitely learnt a lot about our machines, our customers and ourselves. We know what makes us unique, we know what makes us stand…

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Trident Series CNC Router-Knife Hybrid video

Trident Series CNC Router-Knife Hybrid

The Trident Series, an innovative hybrid solution that offers the most versatile router/knife combination in its class. Designed specifically for the digital finishing industry, our engineering team developed a CNC…

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AXYZ Blue Glide Donut Video

AXYZ Blue Glide Donut

The Blue Glide Donut is a unique and highly durable accessory designed for low friction. It reduces friction by 90% allowing smoother and faster cutting and minimizes the possibility of…

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1 CNC Router, 1000's of CNC applications video

1 CNC Machine 1,000s of CNC Applications

With over 366,918 standard machine configurations, AXYZ manufacture one of the most versatile and configurable CNC Routers in the industry. As a result, regardless of the material, we can rout,…

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Cutting Trespa on a Pacer Series CNC Router video

Cutting Trespa on a Pacer Series CNC Router

Watch our Pacer Series CNC Router cut 20mm Trespa. The Pacer Series is a robust construction built on a single piece, heavy duty steel frame. The helical rack and pinion…

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AXYZ Series CNC Router cutting trespa video

Axyz Cutting Trespa

Trespa is a high pressure laminate similar to Bakelite or Formica. Using the right cutting tools and machine settings Trespa cuts very easily and leaves a nice clean edge.  

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